Blue Jesus (EP)

by Burntsystems

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Here is the 1st original track from our new album "Telepathy War" due 12.01.2017
This is a very exclusive EP, not available on the album. Enjoy!


There's your parents and what they dreamed of
Rounded endings my enlisted dreams
Perfect Endings to my twisted F-ups
Blue Fields of my upright Jesus Meaning
Blue fields of my upright Jesus meaning
Blue feels of my nightly easy screaming
There on the rolling blue fields
There's a screaming that chills
Drenched in dark blue Light blue
and dreams of sudden success
And the songs I've written and
the songs I guessed
Their presences and their essence
What's quick and what's right
Must I speak to the empty?
Must I speak to the night?
Must I speak for everything?
Must i speak for flight?
There's the blue hills,
There's the blue hills
Theres the blue rain,
where I witness such pain.
Simmering pale relfection.
A screaming yell of affection!
Is this too too much to ask as I walk on broken glass?
Drenched in dark blue light blue.
All I really wanted was you.
I don't see an end, I don't sin to sin!


releases December 1, 2017
Christian V. (Lyrics and songwriting)
Buzzkill Buskell (Guitar)
Megabyte (Drums, bass and screeches)



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