BEING20 Blood pumping machine

by BEING20

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Being 20 a band, a stage for Being 20, thoughts on Being 20.
Artists Ages 19-30 working with the experienced producer of burntsystems for creation of demos & singles.


No we are not dead yet
We're stuck in a go between
We're skipping a beat
for a blood pumping machine
Blood pumping machine machine
Tinker with that mind of yours
stop briefly in your train of thought
You feel intense curiosity to move along in your thought
Til simple might of mind fear
Otherwise everyone would still be here
Your mind is an Eldorado
Your mind is an Eldorado of dream castles and adventure
Tis simple might of the mind fear
otherwise everyone would still be here
The beat blood pumping machine machine


released April 18, 2015
releases 28 May 2015
Urich Vox: Vocals & Guitars
Burntsystems: Production



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