BEING20 Unseen souls

by BEING20

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Being 20 a band, a stage for Being 20, thoughts on Being 20.
Artists Ages 19-30 working with the experienced producer of burntsystems for creation of demos & singles.


Take out the garbage!
I don't want to take the f'n garbage out
Take out the f'n trash
I shouldn't even have to ask
Oooh Ooohm...
Burned away
scattered and cauterized
take out your own f'n garbage
I don't even have a clue, I wish I could care about you
Take out your own f'n garbage
Here is something
Bring me solace
There has to be a new way
There has to be a new way today.


released April 18, 2015
releases 28 May 2015
Urich Vox: Vocals & Guitars
Burntsystems: Production



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